Jane Railton

Carolyn Railton

Aromatherapy Massage
Reiki Attunements
Hopi Earcandling
The Dorn Method
Card Readings
Animal Communication

My study of  a variety of complementary therapies has given me a wealth of information and knowledge. My spiritual and personal growth along this path has been amazing and it is from this growth that I am able to share what I have learnt.

My aim is to help you to know yourself, love yourself and your life and to be every bit of the creator that you are. 

I offer you a variety of techniques which can help you to be more self aware. With this self awareness you can really understand how you create everything in your life and how everything is simply a part of who you are. With self awareness comes an understanding of being, which brings peace, happiness and love.

mobile: 07767 387832

Warwick, Leamington, Kenilworth

Pulborough, West Sussex

Reflexology: VRT
Colon Hydrotherapy
Natural Face Lift Massage
Holistic Massage
Hopi Earcandling
Indian Head Massage
'm' Technique
Beauty Treatments

We can all benefit from having balance in our lives.

With everything that life puts in front of us, we do not always fine that easy. I hope that with holistic nurturing this will become far more attainable.

My aim is to show my commitment to understanding that a balance of mind, body & spirit enables healing.

I intend to encourage personal development and, through self awareness, enable you to find inner strength, knowledge & wisdom. I hope to demonstrate the belief that you can take responsibility for your current circumstances and so make choices to improve the balance in your life.

I encourage the belief that inner peace & harmony is achievable for everyone.

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