hands on healing

This traditional japanese technique uses gentle touch to stimulate your bodies natural healing potential.

Your individual needs are assessed so that healing can be focused on supporting you where you need it most.

During the treatment you will remain fully clothed, lying on a couch in a comfortable and warm room.

At the start of the treatment, hands are placed underneath your head, allowing you to feel supported, nurtured and calm. Your body guides the treatment by drawing life force energy to where it needs it.

The treatment can include body movement, gentle rocking, the expression of feelings and thoughts, all of which help you to release that which is no longer needed, bringing a lightness into the body.

Reiki supports a feeling of deep relaxation which allows your body, mind and spirit the space it needs to heal.

Reiki can also be learnt as a tool for self healing and/or healing others. Please see Reiki Attunements for me information or Contact Me.

Times and Prices
Consultation with treatment: 1hr 30mins - 60
Follow on treatments: 1hr - 40

Appointments available at:
The Studio, Warwick
The Cottage Therapy Centre, Kenilworth
Leamington Spa

Jane Railton
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