Intensive Pilates/Yoga Weeks

Pilates and Yoga are both mind, body and spirit method of exercise.

These intensive weeks give you the chance to experience a variety of Pilates and Yoga postures, for 1 hour a day, every day for a whole week.

The postures start at a basic level and increase in difficulty to the more advanced postures at the end of the week.

The week Aims to strengthen core muscles with the use of the body and equipment such as rollers, bands, balls and rings. As well bringing increased flexibility.

Each hours class, is also followed by a 30 minute meditation, to help bring you back to you, calming the mind and bringing in focus.

A FREE 30 minute massage is offered with the package, to help relax achy, tired muscles.

If you would like to create an intensive week with friends,
please Contact Me

Intensive Week - 75

The next Pilates Intensive Week will be in June 2015

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