meditation can help you find relief from anxieties, worries and concerns.

In a calming and relaxing environment you are guided through deep breathing and visualisation techniques to reach a state of calm and peace.

In the meditation you are guided through peaceful surroundings, in which you may experience inner calm. You can also receive guidance and support within these meditations using all your senses.

Learning the skill of meditation on a regular basis can enable you to find peace of mind and inner calm, which can be used at any time of day, in all situations.

Meditation can be an excellent way of bring self awareness, which in turns brings about inner strength, peace and calm.

new moon celebration: there is a group that gets together on (or around) the new moon of every month. It is a time to plant new ideas, thoughts, beliefs for the month ahead. It is also a time to release that which no longer fits for your new month ahead. These groups are held at The Cottage Therapy Centre, Kenilworth.
please call me 07767 387832 if you would like to join the group.

prices and times
meditation can either be experienced individually or as a group

Individual classes: 1 hr - 35

Group classes (minimum of 4): 1.5 hrs - 10 each

you could have a meditation and card reading evening for a group of friends, 3 hours all together, with a minimum of 5 people - 12 each.

Jane Railton
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