The Dorn Method
The Dorn Method

Many people come to pilates and yoga because they have back, hip, neck pain. This treatment is a gentle non manipulative technique that can encourage the alignment of the hips, spine and other joints.

The treatment is often followed by a relaxing spinal (Breuss) massage.

You can also learn self help techniques that can help you to care for your joints too.

The Dorn Method can help if:

  • you would like more ways to care for your joints
  •  you have discomfort in your back, neck, hips
  • you have difficulty moving
The Dorn Method is commonly used in Germany, although there are only a handful of UK practitioners. I have found it is a safe and non manipulative therapeutic technique to help create and maintain a healthy back

times and prices
Consultation and treatment: 1 hr - 40

Jane Railton
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