Card Readings

Card readings can provide comforting, reassuring advice on situations and events in your life.

They can bring clarity and resolution to problems as they often reflect you and your current thoughts and beliefs.

Card readings can empower you as they often confirm something that you already knew in your heart to be true for you, this gives you great confidence in  your own decisions and actions.

Angel and Fairy card can help to bring more love into your life. Using these cards often helps you to make decisions and take action from a place of love, which in turn can help you to bring more love into your life.

times and prices
card readings are available at:
The Studio, Warwick,
The Cottage Therapy Centre, Kenilworth
or over the telephone or via skype

individual card reading: 45 mins/1hr - 40
quick reading: 15 mins - 10
party card readings: 10 minutes per person - 5
                              minimum 5 people

Jane Railton
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