Aromatherapy Massage

Scent provokes powerful feelings; it can transport us back to special memories, calm, uplift and bring balance.

Aromatherapy uses only natural oils that are absorbed directly into the skin, providing relief  from stress, tension and many other physical and emotional symptoms.

Following a consultation, oils are specifically chosen to meet your needs and are applied with healing touch.

Massage with essential oils allows you to take time out and connect with yourself.

Personal contact enhances the therapy by providing support, comfort, warmth and caring.

Times and Prices
Consultation with full body massage: 1hr 30mins - 40
Consultation with back, neck and shoulder massage: 1hr - 40
Consultation with shoulder, neck and facial massage: 45mins - 35

Treatments are available at:
The Studio, Warwick
The Cottage Therapy Centre, Kenilworth

Jane Railton
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